Lighting creates an atmosphere and mood, enhancing the artists’ onstage presence and giving the audience a rewarding visual experience.

Concert Lighting can include the traditional bars of par cans, LED washes, multipars, blinders , strobes, followspots and moving head units like Martin Mac Viper profiles and Martin Mac Aura LED washes.

These lights can be hung in a number of different methods. They can be rigged onto large trussing structures known as ground supports or on smaller truss, towerlifts or winchups supports. We also stock a range of circle truss to create different designs.

At Sound and Lighting we have a large array of equipment plus many years of experience in the music industry so we can provide all of your equipment requirements as well as crew to setup and operate.

Our system range includes

  • 3.3w Kavant clolur laser systems

  • Chamsys desks and dongles

  • Hex Led par cans & strips

  • Acme 5R Whacks

  • Acme  Wash Heads

  • COB Led wash lights

  • Chauvet Rouge Range

  • Fog, haze and dry ice machines

  • Stage, Truss, Stands, 

  • Projectors, Screens, TV's, 

  • Party Lighting

  • Mood/ room Lighting






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