Perfect for weddings, parties, product launches, shows and any event that requires a ‘wow’ factor or ‘big reveal’ moment!

Imagine your first dance with a backdrop of cascading Fireworks, Looks amazing when used with our dancing on Clouds (Dry Ice). 

 The machine/s are controlled by DMX or a wireless remote so the machines can be controlled for when to spark and for how long. Easy Beautiful & Safe Effect !!!

No smoke, no heat! Our Indoor Sparklers are the first indoor cold spark effect machines in the world! They are tailored for use at weddings, product launches, parties, balls, corporate events, fashion events and any other event where a safe, fun ‘wow’ factor is required! As such, they are safe to use inside (yes, really!) without having to isolate fire alarms or smoke detectors*. They have already been used at PCEC, Perth Arena, Crown Towers, Duxton Hotel and at several venues for weddings and other events.

Easy to control and very quick to setup, these units are safe and do not require a license for use – they are not pyrotechnics. However, our technicians are required to come and set up the units for you (this is included in the hire price). T machine operates at cool temperatures so the sparks themselves are not flammable.

Delecious Delightful Festival

Cold Spark

This cold spark fountain machine has multiple built-in safety protocols. You can control the start and stop of the effect at anytime, as well as the time, height and volume of spark. Have you ever wanted to create an incredible indoor sparkle effect without the risks?  As a safe indoor sparkler effect, this portable unit is incredibly versatile and can be used at a variety of events. You can create stunning displays with total control and without any hazardous content, smoke effect or odours.

Please note we must set up and run these machines there are no DIY options.

*If the Cold Spark Machines are being used in a small, cramped/closed-in space with no ventilation then this may vary. Please advise us on booking of where you intend to use the cold spark machines.

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