Dancing on Clouds "Dry Ice"

As a newly married couple, you are announced into the reception to a round of huge applause. Then, the DJ announces your first dance together as husband and wife. This first dance is a magical moment, even without special effects. However, for a truly unique and surreal first dance, consider an effect known as “Dancing in the Clouds.”

This effect, typically performed by your DJ entertainment, involves the operation of a dry ice fog machine, enveloping the dance floor in an abundant layer of low-lying dry ice fog. This fog will typically be about knee high, giving the appearance that you are dancing in the clouds.

Aren’t Fog Machines Bad?
It is absolutely true that traditional fog machines are banned from most banquet halls. The primary reason is that the fog rises to the ceiling, and at the hands of an over-zealous operator, can trigger fire alarms; or worse, sprinkler systems! Moreover, fog juice can leave a nasty residue that could stick to your gourmet cuisine. On the other hand, dry ice fog machines are a completely different animal. Dry ice is pure, solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It’s called “dry ice” because it does not melt. Dry ice goes directly from a solid to a gas in a process called sublimation. Dry ice keeps items colder for much longer than traditional “wet ice” because dry ice is extremely cold, -109 degrees F (-78.5° C). Dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide gas instead of melting, leaving no liquid mess to clean (or to make the dance floor slippery/dangerous).

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