We hire a professional range of sound systems that will provide the clarity and definition to set any event. From small vocal P.A. systems, DJ rigs through to stadium concert sound systems, We offer Solutions that provide quality audio equipment and experienced technicians and sound engineers to deliver outstanding results for any audio reinforcement application. Call the team at Sound and Lighting to discuss your audio hire or production requirements and get expert advice with quality support and service. We stock world renown brands like Acoustic Technologies, Turbosound, JBL, Yamaha, Lab Gruppen, DBX, Mackie, and Shure. Sound Solutions also stocks a large inventory of backline and musical equipment to suit most touring acts like Pearl, Yamaha, Marshall, Vox, Ampeg, Mesa boogie, Fender, LP Percussion, Gibson, Roland and Korg.

Our audio system range includes:

  • Speakers (passive, powered, fold back & subs)

  • Amplifiers

  • Mixers (analogue and digital)

  • Microphones

  • Wireless microphones (handheld, lapel and headset)

  • Battery powered PA

  • Effects processors

  • PA Systems

  • Adamson S7 Line Array

  • Black Bird CLA Line Array

  • AT Powersoft powered Monitors & Drum fill

  • EV & Turbosound column Systems

  • Midas Digital Mixers, Pro 1, Pro2, M32, Mr18

  • Digital Stage Boxes


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DSC_0065 (2)




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